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Are you looking for key making service? Locksmiths South San Francisco offers a great variety of locksmith services, which include auto locksmith services as well as residential locksmith services.

When you need key making services, it’s important to find a reliable and a trustworthy locksmith expert to get the work at the highest level of quality. That’s why you have to make a careful research on the companies you want to go to. Reputation, certification and good reviews are very important when you choose a locksmith.

But also, it’s a good thing to see the work they have done. If you are getting a recommendation from a friend, they probably got something done there. Just ask them to show what kind of quality they offer and it’ll be easy to make up your mind.

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House Key Making

Looking for Key Making Service? | Key Making Service
Need a New Key Made?

As soon as you chose the locksmith to make your keys, there are some things you may need to know about key making process. If you are getting a spare copy or replacement of the key for your house, it’s usually a simple process. Hardly ever the locks in the houses are electronic, so house key making will require only cutting a key. It is fast and something that the locksmith can do right at your home. Because all the necessary equipment is already with them. If you are getting a replacement for a lost key, you may also want to have a locksmith to rekey the locks in your house. In this case only the new key will open your locks, and whoever may have your old key won’t be able to get in your home.

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Auto Keys Making

If you need a car key making, it may be a little different. If you have a standard key, the process will be similar. Just cutting the key will be required. You can get the replacement of lost key, or broken key. On the other hand, if you had a transponder or remote car key, they will also require programming. Transponder key has a chip inside, controlled by the compute in the car. In order for the key to work, it need programming to a frequency that your vehicle operates on. Without it, the key won’t start the engine. Remote key needs programming also to perform all the functions provided with your vehicle. They include remote unlocking of the door, opening the trunk or starting the engine. They also should correspond to a radio frequency of the car.

So, if you are looking for key making services in South San Francisco, don’t hesitate to contact us for a reliable and professional solution.

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